We provide sizing and installation of new cooling tower. Retrofitting and replacement of parts like internal frame, infill, sprinkler head, fan assembly, motor, fan / motor bearing, repair of leakage.


Aluminium / FRP Fan Assembly Various Type Infill Dynamic Balanicing & Vibration Analysis Aluminium & PVC Spinkler Head



‘YUANHENG’ Cross-Flow Rectangular Type Cooling Tower

Offer to meet stringent design criteria in terms of energy saving, price competitiveness, low noise levels and space saving which is the common design requirement of M&E consultant for the benefits of owner. The motor power consumption, noise levels and space requirements are all kept to the minimum. Low noise level is especially a concern to hotel and residential. Space saving feature allow high rise to be built with little area on roof building which have to accommodate all the equipment for all services.

All standard metal parts are HDG steel with option of using Stainless Steel. The rest are mainly of FRP construction.

Multiple cells tower design allow tower to be run partially by shutting off individual cell to achieve energy saving if cooling load is low.

The YHA series is tested under stringent CTI test with test certificate as proof of superb performance.

Counter-flow Round Type Cooling Tower

Design mainly for process cooling due to its price competitiveness especially for small range tower capacity of 3RT to 80RT. Bigger size tower is also available with a reasonably competitive price over Rectangular tower as the steel material used is lesser. Majority of the parts used are FRP.

‘YUANHENG’ Cross-flow Closed Circuit Type Cooling Tower

Closed circuit tower is used mainly for corrosive and dusty environment where the air is dirty and will cause the circulating water to become dirty or acidic and will in turn reduce the lifespan / efficiency of the equipment used together with the cooling tower. The closed circuit isolates the circulation water from the environment and thus provides protection to the equipment used.

Industrial Cooling Tower

We provide complete design, supply, installation and service of our new industrial type cooling tower, design is handled by USA based cooling tower professionals trained under leaders in the international cooling tower business who have worldwide project experience in design, engineering, procurement, execution and field working thermal power, geothermal power, refining, chemical and process industries. The type of towers within our capabilities include,

  • Counter flow
  • Cross flow
  • Wet/Dry low plume towers
  • Wood/concrete/FRP Structures
  • Film/Low-Foul/Splash fill
  • Low drift and low noise

We specialized in retrofitting cooling tower with wide range of equivalent or even better performance spare parts for many other brand of cooling tower.